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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Sometimes it just...clicks.

I headed out in the afternoon chill to get my run in during my lunch break today. It was 55 degrees and heading north there was about a 20-30 mph headwind. Yowza. But I wanted to get my run in (and get out of the stuffy office).

3.25 miles out in 30 minutes, 3.25 miles back in 20 minutes. I love it when that happens. As soon as I hit Fullerton for the turn around, you know what that headwind did? It copied me and changed direction so I was running into the wind, again, heading south. But somewhere I found my zone and locked in. It was like having blinders on. I knew I had that in me somewhere!

It felt good :)

Crash, out.


Michael said...

It's about time you started running :)

David Ray said...

Oh, he's gonna look good in those pearls. :)

Paige said...

Hahahahaha! David, have I told you lately you are my favorite?

I ran the same route Monday, I just forgot to post about it, woops! But it was a good hot training run, fo sho.

I took a full 7 days off post-50, and I feel pretty crazy-good right now, so I'm very happy with my little runs this week in preparation for KM100 pacing :)

Anonymous said...

What would these guys do without good women? Be totally lost...and in the *red*


Yep, he's gonna look really cute in those pearls 'n' matchin' earrings, Paige.


Anonymous said...

3.25 miles back in 20 minutes?

HOLY CRAP!!!! that's fast

LOL, my word verification is "coors", gotta love the irony in that :-)

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