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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Knee Fairy

Just a quick update, I went to see my sports doc, Dr. Natarajan (who, by the way, is the rockingest sports medicine doctor out there), this morning to have him check out my left knee and make sure there wasn't anything wrong going on. I hadn't seen him in quite awhile since I'd begun seeing my chiropractor for ART pretty regularly and didn't think I had anything pressing enough to warrant a visit to Dr. N. As I used to go a couple times a month with aches and pains from my increased mileage over the last year, I'm sure he missed me :)

The tingling I was feeling on my knee (that felt like a feather tickling the knee) evolved into a slight pain (which ART snuffed out quickly) and then into a strange sensation I'm not sure how to describe other than that it feels exactly how it does after you shave your legs for the first time in awhile (i.e. in the winter, ladies) and then get into super soft satiny sheets. That's what it feels like, on my knee, constantly. Not painful at all, just annoying as hell. Well, it's a simple solution, and one I am quite comfortable with: a tight hamstring.

That's it? Okay. I'll take that to the bank. He showed me how much less flexible my left hammy is compared to the right and gave me a stretch to do a few times daily. This is how it plays out: hamstring gets cranky and tight, and since misery loves company, the hamstring then decides to invite the patella and its connective tissues to the party. Hammy yanks on all these things, from all directions, causing the strange sensation I've been experiencing, and making it feel almost like the knee is stiff.

It's so weird how certain things go as you get older, and I'm not even in my thirties yet! I used to be able to pull my leg up while standing and touch my toes to the wall behind me, I wanted to be a friggin' Rockette! But, alas, running has overshadowed my dance training and now I've barely anything to show for all those years of flexibility training. Back to the mats, people, back to the mats.

In other running news...it's the Beer Run 100 this weekend! Leaving from Goose Island on Clybourn tomorrow night, in full costume, and running up to Milwaukee with my fellow CHUGs to get our second beer at the Water Street Brewery downtown. I won't be cranking out the full 100 miles, obviously, but I'll be peachy with 30-50 depending on how much pavement is involved. The rest of the time I'll be crewing. TONS of pictures to follow :)

Crash, out.


Irish Cream said...

Hi Paige! Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi :) Isn't the internet funny like that? And also--to make this even crazier--I couldn't help but notice your blog says you're in Batavia? I'm originally from St. Charles! CRAZY, right?

Ha, anyway, I'm SO glad to hear that both of our very similar stories are finally headed in the right direction :) We owe it to ourselves to do something we'll enjoy--or at least something that won't make us want to jump out the window on a daily basis!

Best of luck in the Beer Run 100--sounds like so much fun!

Paige said...

Ha, crazy indeed! What a small world :)

Thanks and good luck with your tapering! You going to run any of the RWTD races?

Danni said...

Dr. N IS the best. I hope your knee heals up immediately!

GTI said...

Oh No! Did the Beer Run get thwarted by the terrible, dangerous weather Friday evening? I hope not. I was IN Kenosha when it was all hitting the fan, and it was a little scary. Not condusive to fun time running. Hope it all went well for you guys!

Paige said...

Heck no it didn't stop us! Full on RR with tons of pictures is coming soon!!

Dan said...

I've been using ART to treat my PF. It's the only thing keeping me running. I hope your knee comes around.

Paige said...

Thanks, Dan, and thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Great post, as always. I was a dancer for 15 years and I totally know what you mean! I used to do that stretch where you stand back against the wall, and then lift one leg straight up, toes touching the wall next to your ear. I wish I had time for Yoga. I think it would really help. Every time I get injured it relates to something tight pulling on something else.

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